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Investigating the physical Universe

Standort: Ostbevern

How hot is the sun and how much power does it produce? How cold is cold? How stiff is steel? How far will an egg fly? How can we find out? Do you have a question that you’d like to investigate? How do we measure? How reliable is the data? How can we communicate our research? What has a fizzy drink got to do with radioactive decay? What is a scientific model? What can we learn from balloons? All these questions, and more will be investigated during the ‘Investigating the Physical Universe’ course. We will be working in teams, just like real scientists. You will be planning and defining, investigating and communicating, discussing and evaluating. You will also be having a lot of fun and making lifelong friends. Sign up now – we look forward to meeting you in Ostbevern. Welcome to the fascinating world of physics, let your imagination lead the way.